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Mereway Allotment, Northampton

It is with great regret that I am shortly closing the website. I have enjoyed building and maintaining it, and been rewarded with positive comments from everyone.

Sadly I announce my resignation as Secretary, and I have asked the Chairman (who I am sure you all know) to call a special general meeting, to set out her plans for the future.

I made promises to all of you at the AGM about the standards of cultivation required, and the Chairman has made it clear that I cannot keep those promises. I have no alternative to resign, as on a personal note I cannot promise one thing and then do something else.

I have been a bit frustrated recently at being left to do just about everything with little or no support from others (just criticism) and there is no expectation of this changing. I need to spend time with my grand-children, my wife, my dog, my house, my job, my garden and my plot! 

Mereway is a very friendly allotment site in Northampton. Conveniently situated on the Ring Road adjacent to Tesco. It is a small piece of tranquillity for us and a haven for wildlife. Access to the field is through a green gate in the lay-by between the "Tesco" roundabout and Abbeyfield School/Goals Football.

To apply for a plot please contact the Council Allotment Officer...

at or by phone at 01604 436622.



Allotment Gardening

Allotments provide a wide range of benefits to communities and the environment. Apart from providing low cost food, they also provide valuable recreational opportunities involving healthy activity and social contacts. Allotments are significant to our green spaces and provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.

Taking on an allotment plot is not all hard work; it can have many advantages, providing fresh home grown vegetables, fruit and flowers for you and your family, free from artificial additives and at a fraction of that you would have expected to pay in a supermarket or greengrocer.

There is also the social side to allotments, meeting new friends with similar interests and enabling you to enjoy a healthy outdoor life with gentle exercise and a  place to relax and unwind. Great examples of this are  the "working party" days where lots of folk cheerfully turn up and help to maintain the whole field. Some paint, some do weeding , some move the free wood chippings to other parts of the field, others fill containers with useful stuff which can be sold in our shop. A massive "thankyou" to all the volunteers who turned up for our latest  working party.

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